We help many leading health care providers recruit staff year-round. To provide the best quality of service, we collect feedback at every job fair and through our online jobs portal. We also carry out post project evaluations of our consulting services.

We have been working with MedPharm Group for the past year and this has helped us to fill many vacancies in Netherlands. We are now going with them online...

Jasper Willems Care-Force

Dear Dr Chodkowski, I attended the MedPharmCareers event last Saturday in Lisbon. I would like to thank you for the lectures you organised and ran. They provided very thorough information about the medical jobs market across Europe. I found the part about the job search in the UK very useful as I am considering to take up a position in this country. Your lecture: “Medical English” was very beneficial and helped me to understand how I should start preparing myself to life and work in England. Besides, the event was a great opportunity to meet recruiters from the UK in my home town of Lisbon. I found it very convenient and so did my colleagues who came along with me. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Spring event. Best wishes

Zsuzsanna I, Lisbon

I had the pleasure of visiting your job fair, MedPharm Careers, in Poland. Congratulations for putting on a well organised and thoughtout event. I think that these types of events are as needed for medical branches in Poland like in the rest of Europe.

Krzysztof Z., Warsaw

I am impressed by your company's exceptional growth and development. I was able to participate in your very first job fair in Poland. This year you have expanded in to many European cities. I wish you continued success.

Andrzej J. , Gdańsk