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MedPharm Careers Magazine is published internationally and is distributed at all of our events; directly to hospital wards, medical schools, clinics and is available electronically. It provides in-depth and interesting articles and coverage about medical job markets around the world.

MedPharm Careers Magazine is an international journal published twice a year since 2011 that provides valuable information from medical job markets all around the world. It is the most widely read publication of its kind in Europe - the latest edition was distributed to over 175,000 healthcare specialists. The magazine is constantly evolving and adapting taking on board feedback from its readers.

The magazine is distributed at all 170 of our job fairs in Europe and sent directly to hospital wards, medical schools and clinics. Additionally, it is mailed out electronically as e-MedPharm Careers Magazine and can be downloaded directly from our website.

The Autumn Edition of MedPharm Careers Magazine:

The latest autumn edition is in the works of MedPharm Careers Magazine - a specialist magazine for jobs and career development in all medical and pharmaceutical branches. Thanks to MedPharm Careers Magazine, you can not only publish job offers but also include a company profile and encourage readers to apply for jobs using a variety of convenient ways. MedPharm Careers Magazine is the only available product on the market allowing you to reach tens of thousands of doctors and other medical professionals in over 20 countries all at once.

Topics in the upcoming September edition of MedPharm Careers Magazine:

  • Getting hired and work conditions in Germany. Why is it worth my effort to look for work in Germany?
  • What region of Germany has the best job offers? Ranking the best places to work.
  • Practical advice for getting hired in specific European Countries. What should I remember when looking for work abroad?
  • Learning English for medical and pharmaceutical professionals. Which language certificates are worth spending my time and money on?
  • Interviews with experts from various professional fields including: HR, Coaching and Psychology. How can I make my job search more effective?


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