MedPharm Magazine

MedPharm Careers Magazine is published internationally and is distributed at all our events, directly to hospital wards, medical schools, clinics and electronically. It provides in-depth and interesting coverage about medical job markets around the world.

Autumn 2011

  • The first edition of MedPharm Careers Magazine was unveiled and warmly received at the 10th MedPharm Careers job fair.

Spring 2012

  • The second edition of MedPharm Careers Magazine had its official premiere at the 11th MedPharm Careers job fair.

Autumn 2012

  • This was the first time the magazine was distributed internationally. With an improved layout, the magazine also increased the topics covered, enjoyed a larger readership and had a more targeted distribution. With in-depth articles, reviews, market analyses, interviews and life-style articles, MedPharm Careers magazine is the most popular healthcare publication of its kind.