MedPharm Consulting

MedPharm Consulting offers a wide-range of advisory services, specialising in recruitment strategies for all sectors in the healthcare industry. We support leading medical, pharmaceutical and clinical research groups throughout Europe.

MedPharm Consulting is a team of leading recruitment experts developing and improving recruitment strategies for healthcare, pharmaceutical and clinical research sectors around the world. We use a wide range of primary research and first-hand experience working with doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals on a daily basis. Our recommendations supplement the best practice methodologies used by leading recruitment agencies.

As part of our services, our clients can count on:

  • professional representation at MedPharm Careers events
  • support finding and selecting candidates
  • verifying an applicants criteria based on the client's expectations
  • help carrying out ad-hoc recruitment campaigns
  • client meetings in Europe;
  • professional business consulting services
  • being able to meet with us throughout Europe
  • bespoke services tailored to specific needs and wants

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We support healthcare employers and recruitment agencies connect with thousands of professional candidates seeking to advance their careers.If you would like to learn more about our recruitment consulting services, please contact us!